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TruSculpt Specialist

Valencia Center for Women's Health

OB-GYNs located in Valencia, CA

Dr. Navi and the doctors at the Valencia Center for Women understand the desire to want to look and feel your very best. The popular non-invasive procedure known as truSculpt is offered at our facility in Valencia, California for your convenience.

truSculpt Q & A

What is truSculpt?Trusculpt Valencia, CA

truSculpt is an alternative to surgery that allows patients to enjoy visible reductions in fat loss, tighten their skin, and sculpt their bodies in target areas. The procedure involves using a radiofrequency handheld device which sends out thermal energy. This energy goes below the surface of your skin and subsequently heats up and kills off undesired fat cells. The procedure can be performed on various body parts, including the stomach, thighs, underarms, and under the chin.

Who Should Get truSculpt?

Everyone has some part of their body they would like to improve. truSculpt allows this transformation to take place without surgery. Anyone desiring smoother, tightened, younger looking skin or the removal of fat can benefit from this treatment system. The truSculpt procedure is fast and convenient, with sessions lasting less than an hour.

Patients can schedule their treatment session in the morning or during lunch hour and still carry out their normal activities afterward. One to two treatments are usually completed with approximately four to eight weeks in between sessions.

What Are the Risks of truSculpt?

Your doctor will complete a consultation to verify whether you are a good candidate for the truSculpt procedure. Generally, the procedure can be performed on all skin types, and no downtime is required. There are minimal risks involved with the truSculpt system and most patients experience only mild discomfort.

Although the procedure is safe and mostly comfortable, it may result in side effects like tenderness, redness, and sweating in the areas treated. However, these side effects are usually short-term, and symptoms go away within a few hours. Your doctor will go over how the procedure works and what to expect during your consultation visit.

Insurance/Payment Options

Valencia Center for Women's Health accepts many different types of insurance. We also accept Visa, Mastercard, & Discover. For any questions regarding insurance, please contact our front office.

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Health Net
Motion Picture Industry Health Plan
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