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Sexual Dysfunction Specialist

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Sexual dysfunction can ruin sex life by making sex painful or unsatisfying. With the help of Dr. Navizadeh and the team of experienced doctors at Valencia Center for Women’s Health in Valencia, California, women can regain their sexual desire so that they can once again enjoy intercourse with a partner.

Sexual Dysfunction Q & A

lost desire to have sex californiaWhat is Sexual Dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction in women is a problem in which sex becomes painful or not enjoyable. A woman might have less of a desire to have sex, might not be able to stay aroused, or might not be able to orgasm. While many women feel this way occasionally, sexual dysfunction is typically diagnosed only when this problem occurs on a regular basis.

What Causes Sexual Dysfunction?

Many things can cause sexual dysfunction, including certain medications such as contraceptives or chemotherapy, diabetes, high blood pressure, drinking too much alcohol, depression, abuse or a vaginal infection. Stress and other emotional issues can also make sex less exciting.

Hormonal changes also play a large role in sexual dysfunction. Women who are going through menopause or have just gone through childbirth may not feel like having sex because of these hormonal fluctuations. Additionally, these women in particular often suffer from vaginal dryness, less elasticity, and weaker pelvic floor muscles, all of which can cause painful intercourse.

What Are Some Treatments for Sexual Dysfunction?

Many women can solve their sexual dysfunction problems by talking with their partner to find new ways to experience pleasure. Additionally, using lubricants and changing up the routine can make things more exciting and less painful.

However, many women do require medical intervention for their issues. One such method is estrogen therapy. Estrogen works to improve the tone of the vagina, increase elasticity and blood flow, and enhance lubrication. Androgen therapy is another kind of hormonal therapy that adds testosterone to the body.

ThermiVa is a procedure that instead relies on controlled heat waves to tighten the labia and vagina to reduce pain and increase sensation.

Insurance/Payment Options

Valencia Center for Women's Health accepts many different types of insurance. We also accept Visa, Mastercard, & Discover. For any questions regarding insurance, please contact our front office.

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