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Minimally Invasive Surgeries Specialist

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By choosing an advanced minimally invasive procedure, women can have faster recovery times and less pain after surgery. Dr. Navizadeh and his team at Valencia Center for Women’s Health have helped many women in the Valencia, California area improve their quality of life by reducing the risks of certain common procedures.

Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgeries Q & A

What is Laparoscopy?

Laparoscopy is a type of surgery that uses a laparoscope to exam the inside of the abdomen and pelvis. It is much less invasive than traditional exploratory surgery and can be used to identify the source of pelvic pain, collect biopsies for further examination, and even take pictures of the inside of the body.

Certain procedures can also be performed through laparoscopy, including endometriosis resection and hysterectomy. In both of these procedures, the undesired tissue is removed through a small hole in the abdomen using a laparoscope.

What Are Some Common Minimally Invasive Procedures?

Many different procedures can be performed without the necessity for a large incision. These include a myomectomy to remove fibroids on the uterus, endometrial ablation to remove the endometrium in the uterus, tubal ligation to seal off the fallopian tubes, tubal reversal to undo a tubal ligation, and stress urinary incontinence to help a woman regain bladder control.

Typically, minimally invasive procedures help treat women suffering from pelvic pain, fibroids, heavy periods and trouble holding their urine and help women who want to permanently eliminate their chances of getting pregnant.

What Are the Benefits of a Minimally Invasive Procedure?

Minimally invasive procedures have an array of benefits over traditional surgical procedures, including a smaller chance of operative trauma and less pain. Patients usually have less noticeable scars, as incisions are much smaller. Additionally, advanced minimally invasive procedures are more accurate and precise because they involve the use of cameras and magnification tools to help the surgeon see better inside the body.

Women who have a minimally invasive procedure also have a faster recovery time, allowing them to get back to their everyday lives much more quickly. They do not have to stay in the hospital as long and have a much lower risk of postoperative complications.

Insurance/Payment Options

Valencia Center for Women's Health accepts many different types of insurance. We also accept Visa, Mastercard, & Discover. For any questions regarding insurance, please contact our front office.

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